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The experience of selling a home or other piece of property can be a very emotional one and charged full of feelings and often times hasty decisions. From setting the price to making a sale with the help of an experienced real estate broker, there are many things you as the seller must do in order to accommodate a fast sale, as well as a list of things to avoid. Everything must be considered, inside and out. Cleanliness, disrepair or wear, and maintenance all need be addressed. And that is only the beginning. Once everything has been cleaned, repaired and maintained, the list continues!

Beginning with the outside of the house is a good way to avoid the blunder of messing up a potential buyer’s priceless first impression. Humans are emotional creatures and although we like to think we balance everything together, we’ll still have a reaction to the first thing we see. The obvious things to consider are issues like the landscape of the property and condition of paint on the house. These things need to be attended to and immediately done: cut the grass, trim the hedges, remove weeds, repair loose hanging gutters, etc. There are some other things to consider. When you still lived there, did you have a nice birdbath in the front yard? Or a few comfortable ferns planted by the house? Things like these are easily replaced, and if you leave them in the landscape it can make the buyer feel comfortable and at home. As long as everything is simple and clutter-free, making the property pleasant and well maintained is an added bonus.

There are a great many things you can do inside the house to maximize your chance for a sale. Though the outside first impression is crucial, the battle is won or lost inside the house. Of course, like outside you’ll want to do the obvious: replace stained carpet, add fresh paint to the walls, etc. Make sure there are no odors whatsoever in the house. If necessary, open windows and air it out before a showing, closing them before they buyer arrives. Make double certain that there is no space or room that is cluttered with anything at all. Leaving behind a small decorative side table or vase with flowers is a good way to break the “emptiness” of the atmosphere. Also, make triple sure the bathrooms and kitchen are ultra clean and spruce them up with neatly folded hand towels and minor accessories. These small amenities will also make the buyer envision the space as a home rather than an empty box. Keep lights on and open curtains-let the light in! Also, don’t forget to keep the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature. Showing a house in the heat of summer with an air conditioner that isn’t running is not likely to make the buyer feel like staying very long.

In the end, keeping the home maintained, clean and (can’t emphasize this enough) clutter-free is key to a fast sale. But the little things matter just as greatly. Don’t be stingy in regards to leaving behind something decorative that makes the space stand out. If necessary, spend a few dollars on a few new decorations if you can’t part with your family birdbath or heirloom vase. These items, especially hand towels and potted plants, are inexpensive but add a substantial touch to the overall ambience of the home you’re trying to pass along.

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