Selling Real Estate

Selling property, like a home for example is a huge decision that requires the utmost thought and consideration. Assuming you’ve already made the decision to sell, there are some questions that immediately follow: Do I sell it myself or go with a real estate broker? Am I expecting to make a profit on the sale of my home? Where will I live next? What if my home doesn’t sell for a long time? These questions are only the onramp to the highway that is selling real estate, but they vitally require answers before any further steps are taken.

Assuming the pros and cons have been assessed and the decision is made, the initial foundation of your sale has to be set. Sell it yourself or use a real estate broker? Unless you are closely tied to the home sales market and know its finicky nature, the best decision is to go with a broker who knows the ins and outs of selling a home professionally. The common misconception using the FSBO method (For Sale By Owner) is that the seller will save a ton of money by not paying a high commission to a realtor. Often, the reverse is true. By selling a home by yourself, you often end up spending a large sum of money on advertising, promoting, and in the end (when the home sits for extended periods of time) become gray-haired and aggravated. FSBO sellers have to deal directly with buyers, handle the paperwork, and juggle various negotiations.

A real estate agent will professionally and knowledgeably handle every aspect of your home’s sale, from paperwork to negotiation. All you have to do is accept or decline. Once that decision is behind you, the next step is to get your home ready for sale. Will you be living in the home or live elsewhere during the sales period? Regardless, it is ideal to spruce the place up. A buyer’s first impression is gold when it comes to landing a good sale. Walk around the property and pretend you’re seeing it for the first time. Repair or touch up any eyesores, trim the hedges and mow the grass. Do the same inside and in each room. No room is too minor to receive attention. Follow the COC rule: Clear Out Clutter! Also address any safety issues that warrant attention.

Now it’s time to begin the journey of selling your property. Don’t be afraid of the word “journey”-it’s natural to become suddenly apprehensive at the feat you’re about to take on. Just understand that it is a process involving multiple steps, which individually are very simple. Begin by listening to sound advice from your broker and price your home based on research and not out of sentiment. Your broker will take care of advertising your property and once these initial steps are taken, it’s time to wait for potential buyers to make their move. One easy mistake a seller makes in the beginning is polishing up the house and property in the beginning, but failing to maintain that clean-cut look. Stay on top of the yard work and the dusting inside. Be ready in case a buyer needs to see the house at the drop of a hat. Do this, and the next step is waiting for the offers to come.

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